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香港Google開發者社區(GDG Hong Kong)於2009年12月成立,前身為Hong Kong Google Technology User Group (HKGTUG)。GDG Hong Kong是非牟利的開發者組織,希望能夠跟開發者分享Google不同的技術,也希望激發開發者在Google技術上的火花。我們旨在集合香港、澳門及鄰近地區的Google愛好者、互聯網技術發燒友及對Google技術有興趣的開發者及其他專業人士。我們的活動是歡迎IT人、大專學生、商界人士、或對Google技術有興趣的人士參與。

我們定期會舉辦不同交流活動,包括技術講座、開發者分享聚會等。於2017年在港組織成立Women Techmakers Hong Kong (WTMHK) 香港女科技從業員社群,提昇女性在科技業及創業圈的領導地位,持續擴大國際連結及培養女生專屬的科技人才鏈。


在香港組織屬於自己的Developer Group,希望跨越國際、語言的障礙,讓香港的IT人可以認識不同Google技術。我們分享,也希望下一個分享的就是您!如果你有興趣分享幫手,歡迎隨時聯絡我們。

Established in December, 2009, Google Developer Group Hong Kong 香港Google開發者社區 (GDG Hong Kong, previously called Hong Kong Google Technology User Group, HKGTUG) is a Hong Kong based non-profit community for developers to learn and share knowledge about Google technologies, web development skills, and Internet applications. This is an open community for all Google fans and Internet technology enthusiasts in Hong Kong, Kowloon, and surrounding areas, and we welcome anyone who are interested in learning about Google’s technologies and developer product APIs to build leading-edge web applications and services to join us. The membership is open to everyone, whether you are a professional developer, college student, business manager, or simply a newbie who’s interested in Internet technologies. This is an open and friendly community for all of you.

We will have periodic off line events to learn and share knowledge, so watch out for our events announcements from time to time. This online forum provides a platform for everyone in the community to share knowledge, ideas and networking. If you are interested in helping us in planning future events for the community, drop us a line, as we welcoming you joining us as the volunteers to help growing the community together! Let’s build a community of developers as vibrant and exciting as our beloved city of Hong Kong!


Supporting Organization 支持機構:


Department of Electrical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong
香港城市大學 電子工程學系


Department of Computer Science, City University of Hong Kong
香港城市大學 電腦科學系

Contact our team 聯絡我們: [email protected]