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Techtalk on Machine Learning

GDG and GCPUG are co-organizing a Tech-talk on Machine Learning in March.

Speaker: Sara Robinson, Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Date: 19-Mar-2018

Venue: Causeway Bay, TBC.

Topic: Zero to ML on Google Cloud Platform

Everyone’s talking about machine learning, but we hear much less about how to put it into practice. And let’s face it, that can be daunting! Even just 10 years ago you needed access to extensive academic and computing resources to make use of machine learning. Fast forward to today and we’ve seen revolutionary changes in the hardware and software that are making ML accessible for any developer or data scientist. Whether you’re completely new to ML or you’ve already trained and deployed your own model from scratch, Google Cloud Platform has a variety of tools to help you start using ML right now. I’ll start with the basics: how to use a pre-trained ML model with one REST API call. Then you’ll learn how to use your own dataset to customize a pre-trained model with transfer learning. We’ll end by learning how to build your own model from scratch with TensorFlow, and how train and serve it in the cloud with GCP.

For security reason, please make sure you use your real name for registration on Eventbrite (

**No walk-in**

IMPORTANT – No-show Penalty:
We reserved the right to cancel your registration for the future events.
Remember to cancel your ticket if you cannot come.

Mobile Sites Certification Study Jam – Mar 2018

A professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate understanding in basic and advanced aspects of mobile website design and development.

  • A professional accreditation that Google offers
  • Aimed at demonstrating an understanding in basic and advanced aspects of mobile website design and development
  • You need basic web development skills to take part
  • Takes about 3 hours + 60-minute exam

**Must bring a laptop** (PC, Mac or Chromebook)! The labs will run on all of the latest versions of the popular browsers. For the best experience, make sure your laptop has Firefox or Chrome installed.

10:00am: Mobile Web labs
12:00am: Break
12:15am: Mobile Web labs
01:00pm: Take the online exam
02:00pm: Event ends

*Register on Eventbrite
*We may not let you join the event if you have no laptop on the event day.
*Make sure your laptop has enough battery or bring the charger.

Women Techmakers International Women’s Day ’18 Meet-up

**Must Register by this google form:
**Register Now before 19 March 2018 23:59.

Successful applicant will be notify by email soon after registration closed.

We are proud to be hosting the 2018 International Women’s Day Celebration, a women’s tech conference. This event will highlight the stories of our growing female community of designers, developers, and technology entrepreneurs.

Event Language: Cantonese, some sessions will be in English

Welcome and Opening (Cantonese & English)
Opening Speech Guest: Leonie Valentine,
Managing Director, Sales & Operations at Google Hong Kong

Talk 1: “What’s key in digital transformation” (Cantonese)
Speaker: Verlebie Chan,
Program Manager, Commercial Software Engineering at Microsoft Greater China Region

Talk 2: “Mobile Application Trends” (Cantonese)
Speaker: Jennifer Chan,
Google Play Business Development manager at Google Hong Kong

Talk 3: “Democratization of AI and Big Data” (Cantonese)
Speaker: Delon Yau,
Technical Evangelist, Commercial Software Engineering at Microsoft Greater China Region

Panel Discussion – “Building a New Horizon: IT Gender Diversity in Hong Kong” (Cantonese)

Venue Sponsor: Google HK
Promotion Partner: HKSTP

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