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廣東話Google Assistant Night

*此活動以廣東話進行 **This Event will be conducted in Cantonese Zh-HK ##
場地保安要求不可Walk-in,請在到 登記免費Ticket。


喺香港衣食住行,有幾多野係Google助理可以幫到手呢? 我地會即場教大家在自己手機設置及體驗廣東話Google助理。

最後我地會有Codelab,請大家帶備手提電腦,寫廣東話Action其實唔難,冇Coding經驗都寫到。 同場亦會教埋最實用常見的Action功能:Firebase連接第三方API及推送通知。 搶先做首批本土廣東話Actions!!
#ActionsOnGoogle #GDGHK #GDG #GoogleDevelopers #GDGHK10

日期:January 20, 2020 at 7 PM – 9:30 PM
地點:21/F, Google Hong Kong Office, Tower 2, Times Square, CWB


  • 介紹Google助理功能及廣東話限定彩蛋
  • 動手在手機設置及體驗廣東話助理 (Android >=5.0或者iOS >=10)
  • Codelab 學寫廣東話Action:DialogFlow設計廣東話Chatbot,Firebase 連接第三方API及發出推送通知 (初級至中等程度)
  • 有小食及飲品提供


• 有連接Wifi功能及已安裝Chrome的手提電腦,及充電火牛

• 信用卡(Optional),Codelab會教大家如何免費使用Firebase連接第三方API及推送通知,但Firebase仍會要求你忝加信用卡資料到你的Firebase帳戶

因場地保安要求不接受Walk-in,請在到 登記免費Ticket。

GDG Devfest Hong Kong 2019 CANCELLED

Due to the current condition of Hong Kong, we are sorry to announce that our GDG DevFest Hong Kong 2019 has been canceled.

We have not taken this decision lightly, and have kept hope until last week that the situation would improve (enough) so we could still hold a great event. Our participants and speakers Safety is always our top priority, therefore, we unfortunately have to make this tough decision.

We hope we will see you soon.

GDG Devfest HK Organizers’ Team
[email protected]

Flutter Workshop: Building a Cross-Platform Mobile App

Flutter has become more popluar since 1.0 release. It is rapid and easy to build cross-platform app.
This workshop will introduce Flutter and build an app together. You will learn from building User Interface to handling HTTP request.

Content level: Beginner
Language: Cantonese with English slides

Date & Time: 26-Oct-2019 10:00-13:00
Venue: Master Concept (HK)

– Introduction to Flutter
– Let’s build some UI
– State management
– HTTP request
– Building apk for Android

– Bring your own laptop(PC,Mac or Chromebook) & charger
– Android Studio (with simulator or android phone)

– Basic programming language knownledge (e.g. Java)
– No prior web/mobile app development experience is required

Kotlin/Everywhere Hong Kong : “Kotlin as a Language for Concurrency” & Codelab

Date & Time: Sat, October 12, 2019 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Location: LT-15, Yeung Kin Man Academic Building City University of Hong Kong

Kotlin/Everywhere又返嚟啦!今次我地特意邀請了經驗Kotlin用家George Leung嚟同大家分享Kotlin作為一個並行性語言嘅心得!

聽完Talk隨即有Beginner程度Codelab學”Kotlin Basic and Functions”

今次仲有限量Kotlin/Everywhere T-shirt同其他精美紀念品送,先到先得!

*** All sessions are in CANTONESE (zh-yue-Hant-HK) ***
*** 此活動主要以廣東話/粵語進行 ***
###Please register in Eventbrite###
Register Link:

>> Talk “Kotlin as a language for concurrency” – George Leung
內容程度: 初級至中級
語言: 廣東話演說及英文slides

>> Codelab: “Kotlin Basic and Functions”
內容程度: 初級
語言: 廣東話演說及英文materials


Codelab是初級程度,無需Kotlin / Coding經驗,但有基本Coding經驗會對理解codelab有幫助。至少見到Code唔會驚先!