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[luv_team image=”183″ name=”Mr. Dennis Wong” position=”Co-founder of GDG Hong Kong” linkedin=”″ googleplus=”″]Director & Co-founder of GDG Hong Kong (formerly known as HK GTUG)[/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”189″ name=”Mr. Homing Tam” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”″ googleplus=”” twitter=””]Google Developer Expert in Maps, Google StreetView | Trusted – Photographer[/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”190″ name=”Mr. Fung Lam” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” googleplus=”” twitter=””]Certified Widevine Implementation Partner (CWIP)[/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”193″ name=”Mr. Peter Lo” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” googleplus=””][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”258″ name=”Ms. Emma Wong” position=”Women Techmaker Hong Kong Lead” linkedin=”″ googleplus=”″][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”195″ name=”Mr. Herbert Man” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” googleplus=”” facebook=””][/luv_team]
[luv_team image=”575″ name=”Mr. Alex Fok” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” googleplus=””][/luv_team]
[luv_team name=”Kinni Mew” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” image=”982″ googleplus=””][/luv_team]