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(Order by surname)

[WTM Hong Kong Organizers 2020]

[luv_team name=”Mr. Orix Au-Yeung” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” image=”795″]Specialist in NLP and ML[/luv_team]

[luv_team name=”Ms. Melanie Chan” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” image=”614″]WTM Ambassador, Organizer of WTM Hong Kong[/luv_team]

[luv_team image=”910″ name=”Mr. Aaron Chau” position=”Team Member”]Specialist in Web, Mobile Apps & 3D/AR/VR Game Development, Photography, Video Production, Database and Networking. Interest in E-Health, A.I., Gamification, E-Commerce & Robotics.[/luv_team]

[luv_team image=”997″ name=”Mr. Herbert Man” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” facebook=””]Interest in Mobile & Web development (e.g.: PWA, Flutter)[/luv_team]

[luv_team name=”Mr. Kinni Mew” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” image=”982″]Google Developer Expert in Machine Learning,
Co-founder of TensorFlow Hong Kong[/luv_team]

[luv_team image=”975″ name=”Mr. Homing Tam” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” twitter=””]Google Developer Expert in Maps[/luv_team]

[luv_team image=”978″ name=”Ms. Emma Wong” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”″]Specialist in Mobile developemnt, Founder of Actions on Google 廣東話@HK, WTM Ambassador[/luv_team]

[luv_team name=”Mr. Yeung Wong” position=”Team Member” image=”915″ facebook=”” linkedin=””]Specialist in NLP, Hackathon Enthusiast, Contributing Writer on Medium[/luv_team]

[luv_team name=”Mr. Desmond Yeung” position=”Team Member” linkedin=”” image=”874″]Co-founder of Hong Kong Kotlin User Group[/luv_team]


Mr. Dennis Wong

Co-founder, Former Organizer

Co-founder of GDG Hong Kong (formerly known as HK GTUG)