January 30, 2020


因應近日武漢非肺炎在本港爆發,基於各位健康及安全考慮,GDG Hong Kong將取消2月內的所有活動。 Due to the Novel Coronavirus 2019 (Wuhan) outbreak in Hong Kong, all GDG Hong Kong activities in February 2020 are suspended
January 14, 2020

廣東話Google Assistant Night

**此活動以廣東話進行 **This Event will be conducted in Cantonese Zh-HK ## 場地保安要求不可Walk-in,請在到https://gdghk-jan-assistant-night.eventbrite.com登記免費Ticket。
November 15, 2019

GDG Devfest Hong Kong 2019 CANCELLED

Due to the current condition of Hong Kong, we are sorry to announce that our GDG DevFest Hong Kong 2019 has been canceled.
November 2, 2019

(CANCELLED) GDG DevFest Hong Kong 2019

本年度 GDG DevFest 將於11月23日於香港城市大學舉行。 GDG DevFest, our annual developer conference for the developer community, will be held on 23-Nov in City University of Hong Kong.
October 10, 2019

Flutter Workshop: Building a Cross-Platform Mobile App

Flutter has become more popluar since 1.0 release. It is rapid and easy to build cross-platform app. This workshop will introduce Flutter and build an app together. You will learn from building User Interface to handling HTTP request.
October 3, 2019

GDG Devfest Hong Kong 2019 – Call for Speakers

GDG DevFest starts! Most biggest Google relative technological, community, and developer event in Hong Kong on 23-Nov-2019. Now we are calling for speakers
October 3, 2019

Kotlin/Everywhere Hong Kong : “Kotlin as a Language for Concurrency” & Codelab

Kotlin/Everywhere又返嚟啦!今次我地特意邀請了經驗Kotlin用家George Leung嚟同大家分享Kotlin作為一個並行性語言嘅心得! 聽完Talk隨即有Beginner程度Codelab學"Kotlin Basic and Functions" 今次仲有限量Kotlin/Everywhere T-shirt同其他精美紀念品送,先到先得!
October 3, 2019

Kotlin/Everywhere Hong Kong : A Day of Kotlin

### Please register in ### *** CANTONESE (zh-yue-Hant-HK)/ Mandarin Sessions*** 繼續Kotlin/Everywhere系列! 上次codelab活動Java轉Kotlin應該令大家初步體驗到Kotlin的精簡syntax及強大functions。 今次8月31日下午的A Day of Kotlin會帶大家再深入一點又廣闊一點地學習Kotlin的技巧及應用!我們特意邀請了台北亞太智能機器(APMIC)的宋豐价(Dave Sung)來分享使用Kotlin Coroutines在Android App處理API的心得,還有活躍於Developer Communities的OurSky分享Kotlin實現Microservices的實戰經驗,由Eillot Wong主講! 聽完Talk隨即有Codelab即場學用Kotlin寫native Android app! 今次仲有限量Kotlin/Everywher紀念品,先到先得! 內容程度: 初級 語言: […]
September 3, 2019

The 1st Global Voice & Travel Hackathon – Hong Kong Round

*** Some sessions will be conducted in CANTONESE/Mandarin *** *** Must Register on Eventbrite, NO walk-in due to security requirement of event venue *** >> 12hours Hackathon! […]